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AKA: She-Lion

Much like her namesake, She-Lion was a wild and dangerous Super-Villain. Her speed, agility and fightng skill made her a viable threat in any situaon, to say nothing of her razor-sharp talons.

When she first appeared on the Super-Villain scene, she was a gifted thief, calling herself The Cat Burglar. Although fairly innocuous to begin with, she soon graduated from stealing cars to stealing altogether bigger prey. Fellini took it upon herself to break in to a

museum and steal the infamous Heart of Africa diamond. Long since rumored to hold the ‘Essence

of the Jungle’, the diamond was said to bestow power upon the rightful bearer.

As soon as Fellini broke in and touched the diamond, it began to glow and she fell to the ground. When she came to a moment later, she jumped 30 feet straight up in the air and out the Museum window.

Fellini adopted the moniker of She-Lion and embarked on an upgraded life of crime. A founder member of the feline-themed group ‘The Pack’, She-Lion quickly

gained a reputaon as a fierce and savage villain.



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