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Once an NYPD Police officer, Blake Miller took down the criminal organization known as the Red Syndicate. In retribution, they killed his family.
Blake went rogue and took out the rest of the organization except the boss known only as The Hand.
Blake left the force to assume the identity of Nightcowl and finish the job, becoming one of the most feared heroes in the city.
The Hand hired Brawler as muscle to protect him from Nightcowl. The two came head to head in a battle where Brawler had Nightcowl against the ropes. When Brawler discovered The Hand planned to bomb an orphanage, he let him go.
The Hand was never seen again.
Name: Blake Miller
Occupation: Former NYPD Officer turned vigilante
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Widowed
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: Mahoney's #1
Skills/Powers: Top of his class in the Academy, skilled in various martial arts, expert marksman
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