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AKA: The Pilferer

In the poverty-stricken city of Kibera, Kenya, Kendra Kennedy found herself orphaned at a young age. Her nimble fingers and sharp instincts proved to be her greatest asset as she navigated the crowded marketplaces and narrow alleys.

Zara's life took a dramatic turn when she inadvertently crossed paths with an international crime organization known as the Red Syndicate. While attempting to liberate a rare artifact from a local museum, Kendra found herself in possession of an item coveted by the elusive criminal network. Unbeknownst to her, the artifact held the key to a hidden fortune.

As news of her audacious theft spread, the Red Syndicate took notice. Intrigued by her skills and fearless determination, they sought her out, leading to a confrontation that would change the course of Kendra's destiny. The enigmatic leader of the organization, known only as The Red Hand, recognized Zara's potential and made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

Reluctantly, Kendra became entangled with the Red Syndicate, thrust into a world of high-stakes heists, international intrigue, and danger at every turn. As she navigated the intricate web of the criminal organization, Kendra discovered that her unique set of skills made her an invaluable asset to The Red Hand's grand schemes.

During a heist in New York City, she found that the Red Syndicate were also trafficking children - a line she couldn't cross. At risk of being discovered, she tipped off Night Cowl with information that would lead him to the Red Hand.

Vowing to never be controlled by anyone again, she broke off on her own.



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