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AKA: Bloodgeon

Former heavyweight boxer Garrett Reinhold never quite made it to the big time. He was a skilled enough fighter in his time but he lacked discipline and discovered that women and bars were more to his liking than training. So with his pride taking second place to his greed, Reinhold quickly developed a reputation as the boxer who would always take a dive. 


Reinhold was put up for a title fight against the champ and was supposed to take a fall in the third. With millions of dollars on the line for the champ to win, Reinhold decided to bet on himself and found a way to ensure he’d win. He broke in to Volt Labs and stole two experimental Ion rods which created localized density fields. Hiding the rods in his gloves, Reinhold believed they’d help give his punches weight. Which of course, they did – the first punch he threw shattered the champ’s jaw. 

Reinhold panicked and ran and quickly found he couldn’t remove his gloves but worse, everything he touched shattered. The Ion rods had caused his fists to become so dense they could shatter steel with the lightest touch. He returned to Volt Labs, intending to try and remove the rods but when Captain Superior intervened, a fight ensued. One of Reinhold’s punches went awry and his fist embedded itself into a super conductor. When he awoke, the Ion rods had fused with his hands and he became Bloodgeon, the Man with the Ionic Fists. 



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