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The Masterminds behind Hardline

In August of 2018, Rich Carrington posted a search for an artist for an upcoming series he was working on about a secret bar exclusively for super villains. Meanwhile, 3,500 miles away "across the pond", Brian Dawson was preparing a portfolio in response. 

Within weeks, Mahoney's was underway and an international partnership was born. Since then, the dynamic duo has set out to release several title in 2020 and looks to put Hardline Comics on the map.


Rich Carrington  Writer/ Founder


Rich is a husband, father, writer, and teacher from the UK. He's good at three of these, but not telling which.

Rich has written several comics including, The Guys, The Claw and Mahoney's as well as a critically acclaimed novel, called "Of Hearts and Hitmen".


Brian Dawson Co-Founder / Artist 

Brian is an award-winning graphic designer and comic book creator/artist from the USA. He's worked for several independent comic book publishers such as Star Cross Comics, LLC, Focus on the Family, Evan David Productions, South Jersey Rebellion Productions, Kenzer & Co. and Hardline Comics. He is Co-Creator for Mahoney's and his 2010 graphic novel, King of Kings sold in 32 countries. 

Brian is a husband, musician and father to 2 fur-babies (his white German Shepherd, Ghost appears in the photo (he's the one on the right).


Corey Christopher Digital Promotions Representative

Corey Christopher is a comic enthusiast! General Manager by day and aspiring artist by night. He’s forever the optimist even without the rose colored eye wear. Corey hopes to use his experience as an administrator of Social Media groups such as the Comic Creator’s Connection to provide Hardline with a strong Digital Media presence. Be on the lookout for our new “Hardliners” group on Facebook where Hardline fans can join in on the fun! Brian Dawson introduced him to Mahoney’s and he became a full fledged Hardliner for life. Aside from his Hardline family he has a Wife and 2 daughters while residing in the US.

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