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Android #7


Android #7 was a prototype designed for combat through Carson Laboratories.It’s objective was simple- to aid in urban combat. #7 was state of the art and the most advanced model in development, fitted with advanced AI technologies to allow it to adapt to any situation. The lead engineer, a Dominic Parsons, poured his life into the development of #7, only to have the credit taken from him once military contracts were underway.

Much like the first rule of assassination, Parson was to be removed from the program and sent to a remote facility in the Netherlands in a move to preserve the tech and claim it as proprietary under Carson’s entities.

Parsons discovered the plan and before he could be removed, implanted code that would turn #7 into a non functioning model, the day of final testing. Upon seeing the failed demonstration, the military backed out of the contract and Carson Labs slated #7 for immediate termination.

However, #7 with its AI sentience recognizing its fate was about to unfold, executed its combat training and fought its way to an escape. During the battle, it was damaged enough that its coding became unstable; blurring the lines between basic good and evil.

All the while, Dr. Badd the maniacal scientist, had been monitoring the progress of #7 with plans to steal the model for his own gains. Rescuing #7, he made his own adjustments to its coding to use it during another heist in deep space on the planet Vileofax.


Upon completion of the mission, Badd decided to release #7 into the care of Doc Alpha who felt could become a member of his team. With his new found freedom, #7 adopted the moniker Vileofax in honor of the mission that bought him his freedom.



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