Mike Mahoney


Mike Mahoney was a mob enforcer for the Canneli family, the city’s largest Mafia outfit. When Don Canelli’s son was facing jail time for murder, Mike agreed to take the fall and ended up serving time in Ravenward Prison.


What he didn’t know was that the Don’s son, jealous of

Mike’s relationship with his father, arranged for him to undergo a series of illegal experiments being performed on inmates. Mike was the only prisoner to survive the twisted experiments and he emerged with indestructible skin and incredible strength.


Using his newfound strength to break free from Ravenward, he donned a costume and became the Super-Villain known as The Brawler!


For years, Brawler built a reputation as a fearsome villain until an unexpected team up with his arch rival Captain Superior saw Mike reveal a hidden heroic side and save the whole planet.


After this incident and a brief run in with Nightcowl, Mike retired from a life of crime and opened a bar strictly for costumed Super-Villains – Mahoney’s, the bar where no one knows your name.

Name: Mike Mahoney (aka Brawler)
Occupation: Former mob enforcer turned bar owner
Identity: Known
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Savage Squad (founding member)
First Appearance: Mahoney's #1
Skills/Powers: Enhanced super strength, indestructible skin