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Created by Rich Carrington & Brian S. Dawson

Deep within the city, there is a bar open to a unique, exclusive clientele. Join ex-villain turned bar owner Mike Mahoney and his staff as they serve up cocktails and action to a colorful cast of villains. 

World Domination and craft beers are always on the menu.

Stop drinking for good. And start drinking for EVIL.

"This is Genius!"

Awesome Comics Podcast

"spot on!"

A Place to Hang Your Cape


Mahoney's#3: The Last Stand

Created by Rich Carrington & Brian S. Dawson

When an alien race invades Earth on a dare, the world's heroes are quickly overcome, leaving the regulars at Mahoney's to save the day. But can they do it without killing each other first?


This issue kick starts a 4 part series, "The Last Stand"


Mahoney's#4: The Last Stand

Created by Rich Carrington & Brian S. Dawson

Alliances are formed as the Mahoney's gang joins Night Cowl and Captain Superior in battling the Vandalorians. Doc Alpha figures out how to disable their force shields, but who can help them figure out how to deliver it?


Issue 2 of the 4 part series, "The Last Stand"


Hardline Comics Annual

Created by Rich Carrington & Brian S. Dawson, Cliff Cumber

A compilation of short stories, for the first time in print. Featuring art from Brian Dawson and Cliff Cumber.

  • Poker Night

  • Hardline Origins

  • The Guys: Field Test

  • Christmas Eve

  • New Year's Eve

  • Night Cowl Files: Flamer

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