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AKA: Flamer

Joe Calhoun was a simple oil rig worker but when he accepted a bribe from The Red Hand to sabotage his rig, he started down the path of a career criminal. Unfortunately for him, he quickly learned that crime doesn’t pay as The Red Hand betrayed him and set the explosives off early. Calhoun was ground zero when the bomb and the oil rig exploded around him.


That should have been all she wrote but what Calhoun didn’t know was that his rig had been drilling down into a core of a previously undiscovered magma element. Calhoun was found floating three miles off shore. Rescuers only found him because of the appearance of a huge steam cloud – when they pulled him out of the water, Calhoun had been transformed into living flame.


Somehow, the magma core had bonded with him in the heart of the explosion and so, The Flamer was born. 


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